Overview of Recovery Database Network

Recovery Database Network, Inc. provides software and data solutions related to the recovery of assets for the automotive finance industry in the United States. Its products include Recovery Management Database System, a Web-based two-way electronic commerce (e-commerce) network and communication platform that facilitates business-to-business e-commerce between auto lending institutions and service providers involved in the recovery, re-titling, and disposition of a lender's collateral. The company also provides interfaces, such as repossession company, repossession field agent/driver, skiptracing/investigative company, forwarding company, and field visit/door knock company interfaces. It serves as an electronic intermediary (or an electronic software hub) that allows various companies in the repossession and disposition value chain, such as lending institutions, repossession companies, field visit companies, skip tracing companies, forwarding companies, and auctions to be linked through the standard protocols of the Internet.